Sunday, 31 January 2010

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Most* contemporary art is poo poo

The Tate Modern depresses me and not because i find the work so amazing I leave feeling talentless and unworthy - In my uneducated and worthless opinion - The Tate modern is full ... FULL ... jam packed ... with visually unstimulating tosh ... theres the odd treasure sure - but to be honest the fact that often its just spewing at the sides with pretentious wankers is enough to keep me away :)

the end

p.s. Damien Hirst - you are a twat

Rachel Whiteread

Well Indeed

I am not a good Blogger ... its hard to remember to sit and do this all the time - but ... i stumbled upon this amazing website called 43 Things and in a bid to get the most out of myself creatively - and in preperation for a possible move towards University I made several resolutions - the usual stuff ie: excercise my brain and body more often, Meditate, and Draw more .... I have never really kept a sketch book - i generally just go at a canvass and see what happens - but I made a resolution to do ONE sketch a day ... like all resolutions however I have faltered - This will not do!
So this blog is my commitment ... From today I will upload a picture a day from my sketch book!


It might motivate me to produce better work too

We shall see .....