Saturday, 7 February 2009

the girl

lately ive been experimenting with form to try and develop a style that is unique to me ... its been a struggle and im not even close ... this painting is 'the girl' ... i love painting human form and ive been adapting it in my sketch book, mixing man with animal (not a first) its certainly fun mish mashing the two ... 'the girl' is the first put down onto canvass - and i have used oils - messier but definately better when it comes to taking your time as you can work and re-work the paint over a number of days. she's not finished - id like to incorporate more form to the ground and build the layers so that she doesnt just float on the canvass but as ive not uploaded much for a while i thought id give you a taster of what wierdness may come in the future - expect horses heads and squiddy feet perhapaps :)
i have been looking about for lots of ideas and stumbled across an amazing artist called NOMI CHI ( HER WORK IS AMAZING!!!


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