Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Greatest

I went out last night - i was a silly goosey and had an empty tummy so typically i was rat arsed after ... 2 pints - in total i definately drank 3 maybe four pints ... i dont remember my friends carrying me home and tucking me up and providing me with a basin if i had needed to spewke

notice how kind my friends are. :)


Age has brought me the realisation that its a silly day ... if you love someone tell um all the time :) and make a nice card - Sheila you have such tasty shoes ooom oohm MOONPIIIIG!

i have nearly finished a commision ... i cant wait to finish him and start doing my own thing for a bit

i am trying to sell lots of paintings so that I can work with animals abroad ... maybe in Thailand.
yp yup

So yeah Cassius Clay dont ya know
what a lovely hand yee hath KAPOW

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  1. i like how he's got a little brother in that photo