Sunday, 18 January 2009


Hi folkies :)

i hath just returned from gay paris
my oh my what an experience ... Ive never been before so the only french connection i had in the past was Route Nationale courtesy of GSCE wonderment and what id seen in the movies!
Paris is an amazing city ... It took me back with the wonderful architecture and the array of characters Id met with my lovely mother (she will talk to everyone)
I think that the one place i connected with the most was Montmartre, the home of Amelie Poulain, the town itself near Moulin Rouge is bustling with tourists and sex shops ;) but the Place du Tertre at the top of the hill is were Artists gather to paint you portrait and the local scenery. Myself and my mamsley were skint so happy to just admire the scenery but a man approached us while we were lunching and offered to make my portrait :) we had to oblige hehe
it took 5 mins and although the likeness is 'unusual' i love it.
what do you reckon

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  1. do you think that is the bog standard pic he does of women or was he looking at someone else instead of you? hehe you're much prettier & lovelier than this - it's a good memory though :)