Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cent a la Banc Monsieur Chocolate

Bonjour!!! :)
Im off to paris tomorrow ... my first trip to the frog land - frogs are lovely though I shant digest any. My camera in hand to take some lubberly pictures
maybe ill post them on this blog thingy .... :)
this maybe better / healthier then facebook perhaps
we'll see
a new year ahead - but really it means nothing eh - i read something that stuck once - something that said dont live in the past or the future - they dont exist ... and if anyone says to live in the present then give them a swift belting cause technically thats gone too - remember 'this very moment'
ha belting indeed, we wont condone that kind of behavior now but yes ... enjoy this very moment :)

heres some art for your eyes... its my first attempt at a piece thats supposed to be truely 'photo real' the picture was taken on my mobile so apologies for the utterly ploppy quality ... its taking me a very long time to do, its a very big piece indeed - we'll see how it goes shall we.


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