Thursday, 22 January 2009

plom plom

Neil Gaiman, "Despair is an artist, whose hands will never catch the vision" 

Im struggling at the moment to locate that 'quality' that all my inspirations demonstrate ... their unique style and ability to just create something amazing out of thin air.  Im hopeless - ill have an idea but when pen hits paper its gone :( 
im sure i just need to practice but i am an impatient one and i need this NOW! 

I know it wont ever be perfect

but lets have a go


  1. I'm sure people will post the usual cliches about how you just have to wait for inspiration to strike and all that, but people who say that just don't really get how frustrating the situation you're talking about can actually BE.

    The only advice I can offer is to just do it. Just pick up a pencil and pad and just...draw. Yes, that can be equally frustrating, but it might actually get the creative juices flowing, and sometimes, all it takes is a wee kick start to get things going.

  2. i wrote a big response but it's gone now. dang.

    it went along the lines of trying and failing to recreate something you have sketched out in colour and the frustrations collected down that road.

    turning the linear into non linear full colour can take the life out of characters. the space between the shapes shift things missalign, meh.

    plus john K's blog makes me weep.